Silicone & PVC

*New* Holographic effect

Rubber patches are becoming more popular and very versatile in its application. In the garment industry, rubber patches are mostly found on sportswear, shoes and backpacks. Rubber zipper pulls are used as garment detailing. Outside the garment industry exists an increasing demand for plastic lifestyle accessories such as customised drink coasters or trinkets.

For rubber patches, LBS offers a choice of using non-toxic PVC or silicone – both materials which goes through a micro-injection process to achieve the finest detailing on the label. Silicone has a further advantage in that it can be used with a cloth material to achieve a 3D effect on the label.

Silicone & PVC examples
  • Effects
  • Holographic pattern
  • Colour changing rubber patches (sensitive to temperature or UV)
  • Glow in the dark
  • Silicone printing on various materials
  • 3D depth
  • Mixed mediums embedded within patch
  • Uses
  • Sportswear logo patch
  • Footware branding
  • Backpack branding & trimmings
  • Zipper pull
  • Lifestyle accessories

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