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At LBS, we source our raw-materials globally in order to produce top-end labels and patches. Our genuine leather are sourced from Australia, Brazil and across Europe. Further, to ensure the best, our garment labels, particularly our leather products, are subjected to standard wash cycles and are dry-cleanable.

Wherever possible, LBS always use eco-friendly technology and materials. As part of our green endeavours, we use aqua-based ink for all our printed products – an ink which is not only better for the environment but one which also emits less volatile organic compounds, creating a safer work place for our production workers. At LBS, we can also offer our clients the choice to used recycled materials, including recycled paper, leather and plastic.

Our high standards are frequently backed-up with external third-party testing. LBS has kept abreast with all international manufacturing regulations and standards, including REACH, CPSIA and Okeotex.

Along with respect for quality, LBS upholds the highest standard in business ethics. LBS understands the value of goodwill in our clients’ brand names and has a strict anti-counterfeit policy. We take extra steps to ensure that any orders secured are authenticated by a company certificate or authorisation letter. Any excess production of labels are safely and properly disposed of to ensure against any leaked products on the market.

Finally, with complete control over our own production facilities, LBS can create truly bespoke products for your brand. Where a new product has never been created, LBS will put in the time, effort and research to execute what your company desires.

LBS notable points
  • 100% quality

    LBS strives to make only the highest quality labels

  • eco-friendly products

    LBS uses eco-friendly materials &
    green technology

  • standards compliance

    Our products comply with all industry standard regulations

  • protection of your company's goodwill

    LBS respects the value of your
    company’s goodwill

  • global clients

    We can create truly bespoke labels and patches for your brand

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